Maximum efficiency.
Minimum cost.
Fully automated autoclave that frees up your time to treat your patients. Available soon in the US.
TIVA 2 Washer Disinfectors
Fully-automatic thermal high washer-disinfectors for all practices. Designed to simplify your work and ensure the safety of your patients and your staff.
Virus Protection Cycle
The Virus Protect cycle will treat viruses that may reside inside the autoclave’s chamber and provide best in class safety for the autoclave’s operators throughout the entire sterilization process.
Experience, Trust & Reliability.
That’s what research clinics, research labs and hospitals expect from Tuttnauer autoclaves and sterilizers. Since 1925, our company is singly focused on infection control for the widest range of applications.
Powerful processing
and precision control
Perfectly optimized sterile processing technology that satisfies the sophisticated needs of Life Sciences laboratories.
For every clinic's countertop and workflow
Making your reusable equipment safe to use with reliable sterile processing day in and day out.

Virus Protect

a new pre-sterilization cycle

tabletop sterilizers

Flexible, affordable sterilizers for every office

Tuttnauer introduced the industry’s first manual autoclaves. Since then, our large selection of manual and automatic sterilizers are the first choice for office-based practices looking for a wide range of sizes and features, flexibility, superior quality and outstanding service and maintenance.

Explore tabletop sterilizers

Customized infection control for precise science and research

From conceptual design and feature specs to installation, our floor and pit mounted sterilizer systems are complete turnkey solutions that optimize workflow, functionality, productivity and space.

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Why Tuttnauer

Tuttnauer autoclaves and infection control systems are among the most trusted in the industry. Since 1925, our company anticipates market needs and sets the pace of its dynamic development.
Singly focused on infection control since 1925.
Automatic, manual, diverse sizes, chamber dimensions, and custom applications for every need.
Manufactured with only the highest quality, corrosion-resistant components.
Local support, comprehensive warranty, dedicated project management teams
Expert support
Get the most from your Tuttnauer products with our expert service teams and easily accessible online support.